Hygiene & Care Kits for Donation to Homeless | Poverty Impact Network

Affordable Bulk Hygiene Kits 

For donation to homeless shelters, charities, domestic violence centers, low-income schools, Little Free Pantries, and more!

Feminine Hygiene Kits

Feminine hygiene kits are perfect for domestic violence centers and homeless shelters.
$3.00 per kit

Foot Care Kits

New socks continue to be one of the most requested items by homeless persons. 


$3.00 per kit

Why Hygiene Kits?

Basic Hygiene Restores Health, Dignity and Well-Being


Hygiene products purchased at the store are expensive which means many living in poverty must choose between a meal or basic hygiene. Your blessing bag gift provides recipients a slight respite; a little more room in their head to navigate life's other difficulties.

Lack of access to necessary sanitary products such as shampoo, toothpaste, soap, and other basic products due to the inability to afford them.

Proper Hygiene Helps Vulnerable Populations

Without proper hygiene, adults struggle to find employment because they can’t put their best foot forward during job interviews and children struggle to succeed in school. For both adults and children, there is a loss of a sense of hope about their future and mental health issues can eventually result.


Poor hygiene leads to greater illnesses and the spread of diseases caused by poor sanitation or hygiene practices.


Hygiene poverty tends to be a vicious cycle. Once a person falls into it, they face challenges in digging out. Poverty is often passed along from one generation to another. Poverty Impact Network is helping eliminate some of the poverty barriers to be a part of breaking the cycle.



General Care

  • Who Am I Helping?


    Your hygiene and care kit donations will help the elderly, working poor, unemployed, homeless and those at risk of homelessness.


    You choose the receiving organization which might be a small charitable organization, a school in a low-income district, a homeless shelter, a reentry organization or a domestic violence center ... it's YOUR choice! You might even want to keep a few kits handy to distribute yourself to those in need you see within your community.