Mission and Vision | Poverty Impact Network

Our Mission – Supply Essential Hygiene and Personal Care Products

Poverty can strike even the hardest working Americans. And sadly, government assistance programs rarely supply essential hygiene and personal care products to those down on their luck. These individuals then must choose between hygiene and putting food on the table. 


Poverty Impact Network provides the homeless, working poor, unemployed, and those at risk of homelessness the hygiene and personal care products that enable them to feel some normalcy while they work toward improving their financial situation. 


Our products restore health, self-dignity, and well being to those who are experiencing poverty, even temporarily. When you care for the overall well being of a person, you free up some room for them to navigate life's other difficulties. 


Poverty Impact Network, through our donors and a network of nonprofit affiliates, distributes poverty assistance kits in bulk, directly to each donor's chosen community.

Our Vision – Hope and Emotional/Physical Support for People in Poverty

When people have access to hygiene products, not only do they have better food security, but they also have improvements in: 


  • Hope for the future as they're able to continue working or interviewing for positions
  • Improved emotional well being as their thoughts and worry about financial hardships are reduced.
  • Better overall health thanks to being able to practice good hygiene habits.


Our vision is to provide hope to those who have little due to financial hardships. We reduce the mental strain and anguish of being forced to choose between a few meals or basic hygiene products.

Our Story – Answering a Call to Charity and Assistance

The concept of creating a business to help others wasn’t my concept. It was a calling from God telling me to make a difference. For several months, I’d been reflecting on the Ten Commandments and feeling drawn to live out my faith more. While I did some good things for others, I felt it wasn’t enough and it made me feel lukewarm. I am not satisfied with lukewarm. 

At first, I wasn’t sure what God was calling me to do. And then the coronavirus pandemic hit the country fast and hard with an enormous economic impact. Suddenly, people who had great jobs no longer did. Two-income households became one-income households. Small businesses lost their firm footing in the marketplace and unemployment grew rapidly. 

At that moment, I knew what God had been calling me to. That's why I started the Poverty Impact Network. I now invite you to be a part of making a difference for those in need through contributing hygiene kits to nonprofits and individuals in your community. I certainly can’t do this alone. 


Suzi Dearmont

Founder of Poverty Impact Network, LLC

Job 32:8 But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.

Poverty Impact Network is proud to be a 100% Woman-Owned Business