Team-Building with Homeless Hygiene Care Kit Assembly Event | Poverty Impact Network
Poverty Impact Network makes it simple and easy
 for you to make a difference in people‚Äôs lives!


Hygiene poverty is alive and well in many places around the world. Yes, even in the United States. Poverty Impact Network makes it easy to help people in need with the sale of our properly curated and economical hygiene care kits. And you choose how to distribute the kits right within your own community. Giving back just feels good.


Individual Kit Purchase

You choose the type of pre-packaged hygiene kits and where the kits will be shipped. You may have the kits delivered to your own doorstep and then decide the best method for distributing the kits to the needy in your community or you may have the kits delivered to a nonprofit of your choice.


Care Kit Party Packs for Community Service Based Team Building

This option is perfect for youth clubs, social organizations, businesses, churches or even families who want to hold a community service event that also promotes team building. When you choose a Party Pack, we ship all of the individual items needed to complete your kits so you can host a Care Kit Packing Party! You and your team assemble each kit and then gift the blessing bags to your favorite nonprofit. Make a difference in your community while inspiring and building your team. Party Packs cannot be shipped directly to a nonprofit and will be shipped to you so the kits may be assembled before delivery. We love it when you share photos of your kit assembly party and the nonprofit receiving your gift of packaged kits!


Subscription Service

Poverty Impact Network offers several monthly subscriptions at varying price points. The purchaser of the subscription determines the subscription style to purchase and the nonprofit the subscription will be delivered to. Subscription boxes ship around the 16th in order to reach their destination before the end of the month which is the time people in the most need tend to run out of their monthly budget funds!


Hygiene Kit Drive 

Many of our nonprofit partners hold hygiene kit drives. Poverty Impact Network enables the nonprofit holding the drive to link directly to our website, listing their most needed kits, to simplify the purchase process. Some nonprofits prefer to raise their own funds for hygiene items and then purchase the most needed kits directly through Poverty Impact Network.


Poverty Impact Network is proud to be a 100% Woman-Owned Business