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Feminine Hygiene Kits, 12 Kit Pack
$ 46.00

The fear of being without feminine protection is very real and these products can be economically difficult to purchase. Each of our feminine hygiene kits are meant to last an entire cycle and come in at less than $4 per kit.  These are perfect for all types of homeless shelters, but especially women's shelters! You can learn more about Period Poverty here.

Products to pack twelve (12), 27-piece kits are included: 

  • Sanitary maxi pads, individually wrapped, super absorbency (12 per kit x 12)
  • Tampons, super absorbency, individually wrapped (7 per kit x 12)
  • Pantiliners, individually wrapped (5 per kit x 12)
  • Ibuprofen packets, two 200 mg tablets in each packet (2 per kit x 12)
  • Reusable zip top bag, not pictured (1 per kit x 12)

What's a Kit Pack?
Kit Packs are perfect for youth clubs, social organizations, businesses, churches and families who want to help their community.

When you choose a Kit Pack, we ship all of the individual items needed to complete your kits so you can host an assembly event. You and your team assemble each kit and then gift them to your favorite charitable organization. Kit Packs cannot be shipped directly to organizations and will be shipped to you so the kits may be assembled before delivery. We love it when you share photos of your packing event and the nonprofit receiving your gift of packaged kits!

If the Kit Pack just isn't for you, check out our prepackaged Feminine Hygiene Kits and let us perform the kit assembly!