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Feminine Hygiene Kits, 12 Kit Subscription
$ 48.00

The fear of being without feminine protection is very real.

Feminine hygiene products are a necessity that many living in poverty have a difficult time affording and so they are in high demand. Our feminine hygiene kits are meant to handle an entire cycle and each kit even includes four ibuprofen tablets to help reduce the discomfort of cramping many women experience. Twelve (12) prepackaged, 27-piece kits will be shipped monthly on your behalf. Each kit includes:

  • Sanitary maxi pads, individually wrapped, super absorbency (12 per kit x 12 kits)
  • Tampons, individually wrapped, super absorbency  (7 per kit x 12 kits)
  • Pantiliners, individually wrapped (5 per kit x 12 kits)
  • Ibuprofen packets, 2 200-mg tablets in each packet (2 per kit x 12 kits)
  • Resealable bag, not pictured (1 per kit x 12 kits)

Help end Period Poverty and sign up today! There is no minimum subscription term, so if after your first order something  changes with your own situation, you may cancel at any time prior to the 1st of the month before shipment.