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Foot Care Kits, 12 Kits
$ 42.00

Walking is hard on the feet, especially when walking in the rain or cold and new socks are one the highest requested items by those in need.

The 14-piece Foot Care kit promotes healthy feet and includes pre-moistened wipes for cleansing, bandages for blisters, talc free powder to help keep feet dry & healthy, along with toenail clippers and a new pair of socks. Each prepackaged kit is packed in a reusable, zip top bag (not pictured).

You, or the organization you are donating to, will receive 12 prepackaged foot care kits. Each kit contains:

    • Adhesive Bandages (4 per kit x 12 kits)
    • Baby Powder, talc-free, 2 oz. (1 per kit x 12 kits)
    • Socks, white crew (1 per kit x 12 kits)
    • Toenail Clipper (1 per kit x 12 kits)
    • Moist Towelettes (6 per kit x 12 kits)
    • Resealable Bag, not pictured (1 per kit x 12 kits)