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First Aid Kits, 20 Kit Pack
$ 32.00

These kits come in at just $1.60 per kit making them a very affordable choice. Every 19-piece kit fills a real need, especially for people who are out in the elements often. From the itch of bug bites to small wounds to headaches, this kit covers a gamut. For the summer months, we even include a packet of sunscreen.

The kits are purposefully compact, including trial size items, for those who must carry their belongings. You'll pack each kit into a reusable zip top bag; three small resealable bags are also included for each kit so multiple use items may be contained in their own sealed bags (bags not pictured).  

  • Adhesive Bandages (5 per kit x 20 kits)
  • Hydrocortisone Cream packet (1 per kit x 20 kits)
  • Ibuprofen packets, two 200 mg tablets in each packet (2 per kit x 20 kits)
  • Bacitracin Zinc Ointment packet (1 per kit x 20 kits)
  • Pocket Pack of Tissues (1 per kit x 20 kits)
  • Moist Towelettes (4 per kit x 20 kits)
  • Seasonal Item: Sunscreen packet (1 per kit x 20 kits)
  • Resealable Bags, not pictured (4 per kit x 20 kits)

What is a Kit Pack?

Kit Packs are perfect for youth clubs, social organizations, businesses, churches and families who want to help their community.

When you choose a Kit Pack, we ship all of the individual items needed to complete your kits so you can host an assembly event! You and your team assemble the kits and then gift them to your favorite nonprofit. Kit Packs cannot be shipped directly to a nonprofit and will be shipped to you so that the kits may be assembled before delivery. We love it when you share photos of your packing event and the nonprofit receiving your gift of packaged kits!